Theme Days

We’ve got exciting news for our Dog Trotters family! Our Theme Days are back, and better than ever!

Tennis Ball Tuesday!! It is what it sounds like; tennis balls everywhere!

I can't choose one!
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Whatever Wednesday!! In warmer months, Whatever Wednesday includes some water play! We bring out the baby pool and hose, and if your dog is into that sort of thing, they’ll get to indulge their inner fish! Please note that we do not get the dogs wet close to evening pickup, so you don’t have to worry about a wet pooch coming home with you.

Look at the ears on Bailey!!
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Tether Ball Thursday!! This has become a big hit. Some dogs can’t even wait for it to be Thursday to play with the Tether Ball.

Tether Ball Thursday
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Frisbee Flying Fridays!! OMG this day is so much fun for the dogs we can’t get any good pictures of it! They all come out like terrible blurs! Trust us when we say the dogs have a BLAST on Fridays!